Snoqualmie Falls

You know what you do when you get visitors, right? Play tour guide and pretend like you know all about the state you live in, of course. Truth is, after living in WA for almost 3 years, I've still seen very little of it. That's partly due to the weather here (booooo rain), but also to the fact that we just don't make it a priority to get out and go on adventures. But that's all about to change, ya'll. We bought a tent. A TENT, I tell you! But more on that later... Now back to me being a tour guide.

My mom is here for a month visiting, and we decided a trip to Snoqualmie Falls was in order. It really is a beautiful waterfall and the trails down to the bottom were beautifully kept and easy to walk. 
Climbing back up the trail was no small feat, however! It's like I gave birth to a human being 4 months ago or something... I'm so so so soooo out of shape!
We were blessed with a beautiful day (See, Dad? Told you it doesn't rain everyday in WA.. just every other day) and my mom was able to see some of those pretty sights those NW Pacific peeps always rave about.

The best part though was the signs they had along the trail's edge detailing the different type of floral. We discover that those little red berries Steven's been munching on in our yard are indeed Huckleberries, and not poisonous red bird berries like I kept telling him. (what? I'm a worrier.) So Steven's not going to die. Which is a plus. 
Oh, and these two.. I just can't get enough. 

Washington, you're kinda fun to look at. I think I'll go out adventuring more.


Vicki said...

It looks like you had a great time. Beautiful pictures!!! And that's what being a mom is all about, worrying about everything! :)

Cara said...

Mannnnnnn he looks like Stephen in this picture!! Such a cutie! I love the falls but you are right, it will be a sure reminder if you are just the slightest big out of shape (and yes, you absolutely have an excuse!). Great pictures! Glad you are able to spend some time with your mama.

Angie said...

What a fun adventure!!! I bet your mom enjoyed it too. Cute photos :)

Kristine said...

Aww this is adorable!! You were practically in my backyard... I'm just down the valley from the falls!

Katie Arruda said...

I loved Seattle and WA when I was out there! Can't wait to visit again. What a beautiful place and lovely pictures

cynthia said...

Looks fun!
And seriously, Dad carrying baby, can't get much cuter! They look a lot alike!