Life's little moments as captured on my iPhone.
1| Jack recently discovered his feet...
and how to give the bird ;)

 2| Huckleberry loves to sneak attack Jack with kisses!

3| Jack enjoying being upright all on his own!

 4| Biggest donuts I've ever seen at the Farmer's Market last weekend!
I told Steven I want one of these for my birthday instead of a cake!
They seriously are as big as my head.

5| Peanut butter drop chocolate cupcakes. Gluten free and dairy free.
 'nuff said.

We are all still enjoying spending time with Grandma Carroll over here! She is here for 2 more weeks to smother her grand baby in snuggles and kisses. To see some more snapshots of our day to day follow along on Instagram

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Angie said...

Great photos of Jack, he is a cutie!
That first picture is priceless!!