The Important Things

Ya'll, I'm glad my stardom has blown over. Those things never last for long, which I am thankful for. I like life best when lived quietly on this blog. I'm not a fan of the attention I received thanks to the Huffinton Post, GMA, and Yahoo's uninformed articles. (Inside Edition actually called me on Friday for an interview. How crazy is that? I said thanks, but no thanks. People are too mean.) 

So instead of focusing on my wedding that was almost 2 years ago, I'd rather talk about the things that are important and relevant in my life right now. 

Like Herschel. Have you even seen a kitty sleeping any cuter than this? He's a darling when he's unconscious, but in his wakeful moments one must be careful. Ninja kitty loves to attack. He also loves to stare into your soul and the more you try to avoid his eye contact the less he blinks. It's a frightening experience. 
And Huck. Huckleberry is always important. I loved these pictures Steven sent me of his and Huck's walk on Saturday and Sunday. One day it was sunny and bright and the next snow covered! Both days Huck was king of the log.
Our nursery is complete. That's pretty darn important! I was feeling so overwhelmed and emotional this past week, but now our little guy's space is completely finished and all his clothes and blankets are washed, organized, and put away. I no longer feel so overwhelmed and I haven't cried in 2 whole days! (Where is my award?) Ahhhh. It feels good.
Lastly, I'm huge, which is also important. Baby and I are both healthy (and still growing).  I'm ready for him to come but I'm pretty certain he's setting up camp in there and plans on sticking around for a while longer. I've heard most first babies are usually a couple days late??
All in all, Steven and I had a pretty productive and relaxing weekend and I am beyond thankful for it. I'm thankful for my husband and our simple, sweet life together. I'm thankful for the little life growing inside of me. I'm thankful for my fur babies and the entertainment they provide. I'm thankful for chocolate chip cookies, mint ice cream, and the Walking Dead. But most of all I'm thankful to not be the subject of scrutiny on the internet by people who have nothing better to do than sit behind their computer monitor and say nasty things about people they don't even know.

And that's what is most important.

Also, who watched the Walking Dead last night and what did you think? I'm happy it's back and I'm happy that my husband didn't utter one word about the excessively large bowl of ice cream and 3 chocolate chips I ate while watching it....What?!? Stress makes me eat.


Cara said...

So crazy! That is terrible that people are mean. I read through the Yahoo comments and people were mostly commenting about stuff completely unrelated to the article so yeah, what can you do. Can't wait to see pics of the nursery!! Looking good!

Curly Girl Confessions said...

Our bebe boy came a week early and he was our first!

Kenzie S said...

Both your animals are too cute!
How exciting that you were able to get the nursery done :)
Hope you've had a wonderful Monday so far!

Nancy Carroll said...

You look beautiful

Katie said...

My favorite kind of cat is a sleeping one :) I'm only in my second trimester, but I really do think someone somewhere should send you a reward for 2 days without crying! A huge accomplishment! Hope these last days before baby are quiet and calm and restful for you guys.

Beth W said...

Ah, Herschel is so cute! And so is Huck. Congrats on getting the nursery done! Now you ca kick back and enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy, right? :)

As for timing....my mom's first baby was two weeks late (and her second was two weeks early), but my BFF's first baby was early, my boyfriend was WAY early (a premie), and several friends' first babies were within a few days of predicted. I suppose it all depends on the development (and patience?) of your little tadpole. :)