Wishing... that our little guy's nursery was complete! I had hoped to finish it this past weekend but decided to begin making freezer meals instead so Steven and I won't have to worry about cooking when he first arrives. Now I need to refocus on the nursery though because it's beginning to overwhelm me! Oh yeah, his name begins with a "J"!

Reading... The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. No need to get into a debate about vaccines. I just want to make sure I am fully informed since I have to be the voice for my little guy.

Eating... Greek yogurt with some granola and honey. So darn good!

Missing... My parents and wishing my mom was here to help me prepare for the baby! I've never felt like I've needed my mother so much as I have these last few months of pregnancy.

Feeling... Exhausted! I learning that being preggo is hard both physically and mentally in this last stage. Just a few more weeks...

Thinking... That my husband works too hard. But at the same time I am so glad he is such a hard worker. I just want him to not check his email all throughout dinner. (K, Steven? Let's stop that.)

Thankful for... My Wednesday night Bible study group. They are such amazing people and so encouraging! I feel very blessed that we found them.

Obsessed with... Ashley's blog, Married to the Game. I have never met a soon-to-be professional hockey players wife and I find her life fascinating! So fascinating in fact, that I wanted to ask her a few questions so you could get to know her, too!

1| You're new to the blog world! Why did you start your blog? 
started the blog for a few different reasons. Since we are constantly moving around from place to place I thought that it would be a good idea to start the blog so that friends and family can follow along, especially since its highly possible that we are going to live in Europe for a few years so that Kory can play hockey there. I can't have my own career while traveling around with Kory because we don't stay in one place long enough, so I wanted something to call my own. I wanted something that I can be passionate about, put a lot of work into, and be proud of. Finally, I wanted to be able to connect with other bloggers. I spend a lot of time alone while Kory is on the road for away games and I thought that it would be nice to make new blog friends :)

2| I see that you and your fiancĂ© have to move a lot for his job! What cities have you lived in so far and what city would you love for his job to take you to?
We have lived in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Toronto, Ontario, and Orlando, Florida so far. I didn't think that I would like Toronto, but we ended up falling in love with it, so I would love to go back there, but I would also like to live in more new places. I'm pretty excited about the possibility of playing somewhere in Europe because I've never been anywhere over there before. I don't care where the job takes us though, I'll be happy anywhere as long as I'm with him. 

3| What is the best and worst part about picking up your lives and moving at the drop of a dime for his hockey career?
Best part? I'm not sure there is a best part. There are definitely things to look forward to when we are traveling to a new city and when we get settled in it's awesome to have many new experiences awaiting us, but when we have to pick up everything and move at the drop of a dime we aren't thinking about any of those things. All we are thinking about is packing up our stuff and wondering what's going to happen next. When he got called up to Toronto we had no idea how long he would be there, where we were going to be staying or when we would get our stuff back because we had to leave it all behind. I would say the worst part is the unknown. 

4| You're getting married in June! What resources (websites, blogs, magazines) do you pull from to get your wedding inspiration?
I get all of my wedding inspiration from Pinterest and The Knot. Mostly Pinterest though. I can spend hours on there looking at everything!

5| Tell us the truth. What is it really like being in love with a hockey player?
It's great! There are a lot of challenges and uncertainty that come along with his career, but it only strengthens our relationship. It's hard for me sometimes when he is gone on long road trips, but its OK because when he's home we get to spend a lot of time together since he only has to be at the rink a few hours a day. I didn't know anything about hockey before I met him, but now I love it and I love watching him play. It's an awesome feeling being by his side wherever his career takes him and sharing in this dream with him. We have a lot of fun and get to experience a lot of cool stuff together. He is an amazing person and I wouldn't change a thing!

Make sure you go say hi to sweet Ashley on her blog! Or follow along via Bloglovin' and Twitter!


Sarah said...

I LOVE Greek yogurt and granola and honey- eat it almost every day!

And what an exciting life Ashley has!

Sidney said...

Gotta be honest - I can't wait until I'm in your position! So much excitement :) I think it will be worth the exhaustion and discomfort. Also - rock on for being informed. I love when people take charge of their decisions instead of going with the masses.

Namrata said...

I can't for your baby to arrive...he will drop in into a fully prepared circle of family. :)

Take care. Keep smiling darling. Love to your baby. :)

Kelly said...

The vaccine book is great! Super informative. I craved yogurt with my first baby, too!