I Miss You, Miss You, and Really Wanna Kiss You

I've been missing home a lot. Weekends tend to do that to me. I want to watch reality TV with my mom or have a glass of wine with my girlfriends. Oh, the small things! So, although I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world (my title for this post comes from a song he always sings to me, btw. I believe it's from a rap song?) Cute, right?

But I digress...

He truly tries his hardest to keep me entertained (full-time job) but I still feel a little blue on the weekends.

So today, while I was thinking about how I miss you all so much, I thought of a few other things I miss dearly about the East Coast as well. I decided it was my duty to share them with you so you would be more grateful of the greatness right in your neighborhood! Say, "Thank you, Dani." Why *surprised face*, you are so welcome, my friends! 

1) Chick-fil-A. I mean get it together West Coast! Chick-fil-a is the boom. I am craving one of their scrumptious chicken sandwiches with honey mustard sauce and freshly squeezed lemonades at this moment. No, I'm not openly drooling right now. Just salivating more than usual.

2) Sheetz gas stations. Seriously, you don't know how great these are until they leave your life. I mean what's so great about a gas station? Umm, well maybe their 2 hotdogs for .99 deal and other cheap, delicious food that you can get at all hours of the day. I sincerely miss driving there at 2am for some artery clogging goodies with my girlfriends.

3) Cracker Barrel. Ok, I may be slightly biased because I worked there for so long, but honestly, they have the best breakfast! I want some blueberry pancakes...

Now, stop judging me because I'm a fatty and all these places have to do with food. I like to eat. I can't help it. However, my #4 mostly missed thing about the East Coast is..(drumroll please)...

4) Sunny days! Where, oh where are you sunshine! I miss you so, so, so much! I haven't seen you in Seattle in weeks :(

My friends, be grateful for your surplus of vitamin D.


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