First Blog POST!!!

Oh my! My very first blog post EVER! 
I hope that when you read this (if anyone does reads this),
you'll be highly amused...because let's face it, I'm funny! 
And find yourself laughing, crying, or hitting faces with fists
(whatever my mood may call for at the moment)
along with me!

So, today marks my 3 month anniversary of being a Washington State resident!
I miss my family and friends like crazy, but I'm going to be a big girl and not dwell on that right now.
Instead, I want you all (who love me ever so dearly) to be aware of this Blog!
Know that although I'm far away, my adventures are just a click away.
Comment, email, call, or text me! I love hearing from you all so much...

To others who may come across my blog, feel free to read and comment as well!
Any potential, new friendships are definitely welcomed.
So, don't be shy. I'm nice, promise.

...Upcoming things to look forward to on my blog...
1) I move into my new house tomorrow!! *High five*
2) My 3 day weekend extravaganza.
3) The newest addition to mine and Steven's unofficial family.
(Don't worry, mom, it's not a child.)

So, stay tuned!

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