Happy December & a Free Advent Devotional

I'm sipping on some hot chocolate and enjoying some Trader Joe's ginger snaps (I'm obsessed with these things!). The Christmas lights are up, the baby is sleeping, and Huckleberry is resting at my feet. Really, it is quite the perfect evening. 

I really love this time of year. There is simply something magical about the lights and Christmas music, and just the general feel that accompanies December and seems to last through the holidays. It's really easy for me though to get caught up in all the colorful lights, gift giving, and festive flavored coffee consumption (!!!!). And all too frequently, this results in me neglecting the real reason for celebration this month... 

I don't know about you, but that seems to be a recurring struggle for me year after year after year. It's kind of embarrassing actually --instead of using this time of year to reflect on and strengthen my faith, I allow myself to get distracted by all the wonderful, but worldly things, that accompany Christmas well.  So for advent this year, I am reading this devotional by John Piper. I really want to focus on adoring Jesus this holiday season. I'm still going to enjoy all the amazing magical(ness) that goes along with this month, but I want Him to be in the center of my heart and thoughts this Christmas. I simply don't want to get distracted by all the loveliness around me like I usually do, but rather keep my eyes on Him. He is the reason for the season after all!

So are you reading anything for advent this year? And how do you keep the true meaning of the Christmas season front and center when it's been so commercialized? I'd love to hear your ideas!

If you'd like to read The Dawning of Indestructible Joy for Advent this Christmas, too, you can download it for free here.

Happy December!

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Holly said...

Thanks for sharing that devotional, I downloaded it to read if the kids ever decide to nap or do quiet time today :) We do a lot of church events around Christmas - we're taking this year off, but in past years our church has put on "Bethlehem Walk", where we turn the entire church into Bethlehem - the marketplace, the stable, etc. - and people walk through it. It's not scripted, but everyone has a character to play - i.e. a family could have a stall in the marketplace making candles, so even the kids are involved. It goes on for a week, it's a lot of fun! We also make a cake for Jesus on Christmas Day, since it's his birthday!