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Wow! What a crazy holiday weekend! Steven and I took advantage of our extra day off and got tons of chores and errands run. Do boys experience nesting before their baby comes? Because if so, I definitely think Steven has caught the nesting bug. He was on top of the roof blowing leaves and cleaning gutters, raking, mulching, and chopping wood! Men are sexy when they do housework...just saying :)

One thing I didn't do this weekend was check my work email so I have some catching up to do today around the office. In my absence I wanted to introduce you to my sweet friend, Zia. This lady has lead one interesting life and blogs all about it at Bits of Days. Currently a student in Germany, Zia has already lived in three different countries! Every time I read her blog I feel as though I've been bitten by the travel bug, too! To read a little about her travels check out the Q&A sesh below!
1) Why did you start blogging and what do you love most about it?
I started blogging in high school, and back then I just wanted to pour my heart and soul into something without annoying other people. I didn't know there was a blogging community! Now that I've started networking, I love that I can connect with a lot of interesting and inspiring people from different walk of lives, and have something in common with them!

2) You've lived in Indonesia, Germany, and the United States! Wow! What was/is your favorite thing about living in each?
I love Indonesian food, hands down :D I love the public transportation system in Germany, because there are lots of options (buses, trams, trains, etc) and availability from almost everywhere. In the US, where I lived, I loved how there were a lot of wide open spaces, and that there were not many people around. I grew up in one of the biggest cities in the world, so it was a nice change of scenery.

3) What is your least favorite thing about living in any (or all) of these countries?
I didn't like the fact that there wasn't any public transportation in the suburbs in the US. I couldn't explore the place where I lived as much as I wanted to... In Germany, they have a lottt of regulations for a lot of things. It may be good to standardize everything, but really, too much bureaucracy. I hate the traffic jams in Indonesia! In the morning, a supposedly 20-minute car ride in the rush hour may take 45 minutes!
4) Where have you not had an opportunity to travel to yet that you're dying to visit?
I'd love to visit Bavaria! I like Bayern Munich, and I'd love to see one of their home games and the castles as well!

5) You're a college student in Germany! What are you studying and what is your dream job after graduation?
I'm studying Information Management and Systems. It's a combination of business and IT/programming. I love my major because it combines two of my most favorite things in the world! After graduation, I'd like to work for an IT company, either a start-up or an already established one, but later I'd like to own my own small business where I can work remotely.
Thanks, Zia!
Be sure to head on over to Zia's blog to follow along with her many adventures!

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