Attention Blogger Friends: Help Me, puuuhhhlease!

Hey fellow bloggers, I’m having some technical difficulties when it comes to Blogger. I have always published all of my posts through Blogger, because at first I didn’t know there were any other means of doing it, and secondly because I use a Mac and most of the blogger publishing tools I’ve seen (that are free) are for PC’s.

Blogger isn’t ideal (the spacing with photos and text drives me mad at times. If you use it you know what I’m talking about), but it gets the job done and I haven’t had any major issues until recently.

Yesterday I discovered that I could no longer insert images into my post. Apparently, when you use Blogger your photos are automatically being backed up into Google’s Picasa Web feature, and everyone only gets so much storage in Picasa for free. I’ve exceeded that storage capacity with my 900+ photos on my blog this year. When you go into Picasa to delete some photos to free up more space, those photos are also deleted from the original blog post they were in. (Which was rather infuriating.)

I didn’t even know Blogger backed up your photos!! And until I can figure out a way to get around this hiccup, I won't be able to post photos on my blog.

So, all you bloggers who have been doing this a lot longer than me, is there anyway to get around this feature without buying more storage space on Picasa? Or do you know of another publishing program I can use that is compatible with a Mac? I’ve heard great things about Widows Live Writer but unfortunately that’s for PC’s. Any programs out there similar to that one for Mac’s?

I'm hoping there is an easy fix for this (a free, easy fix if possible). And I'd love to hear your process when it comes to publishing posts, uploading photos, dealing with blogger spacing issues (Grrr...).

Because really, could you honestly go a lifetime with no more pictures of Huckleberry?? I think not ;)


Kirsten Wiemer said...

so i got this same issue last week actually. what i did was switch my blog over to a new email that was only for my blog, so for now i have more space, but i did also start a flickr account that i think i will be switching over to. also, i use mac, so you could use flickr, photobucket, or im sure there are loads of other places. hope that helps.


Barb said...

I started running into that problem a few months ago and lately I've been going into the Picasa album and, instead of deleting old pictures, resizing them to 50%. It shouldn't affect your posts at all. And then any new pictures I want to add, I resize them to 50% before I upload them.

I agree with Kirsten about using a Flickr account and uploading pictures from there to your posts. That's what I'm planning on doing (if I ever get around to it!)

Alexa said...

How freaking frustrating!! I haven't dealt with this yet since I'm such a newbie, but please let us know if you find out anything helpful on this situation! So sorry you're dealing with it :(

Tamara @ Everything Happens said...

I ran into this, too! I went to Photobucket and then would just have to copy the photo URL into the post. Then... I filled up my limit for Photobucket. Posting pictures on my blog is just what I do, so I broke down and pay $2.99/month for unlimited storage on Photobucket!

Alexa said...

Wow, that sounds like the most frustrating thing ever!!!! Good to know though for the future. I will let you know if I come up with any good solutions!!


Chelsea Lennox said...

Weird, I never knew there was a picasa album! i'd just upload the images to imageshack (I prefer it over photobucket times a million).

Shug in Boots {Beth} said...

photobucket.com!! it takes awhile to fill that up ... and then, i guess you could just create another photobucket acct with a different login/username. it's so annoying! i was just thinking last night that i need to get off of blogger, but i am super nervous about taking the plunge. i don't even know how that works. :/
Love your blog! Found it through Southern Living Our Way ... do you do button swaps?
Have a great day!

Helene said...

omg!! that turned out really awesome!
Helene in Between