Wedding Week Guest Post #3: Meet Joey!

Another busy day today! Picking up some last minuite decorations and gifts for loved ones and then my Matron of Honor comes in around noon! Can. Not. Wait!!! So in my place today is the beautiful and sweet Joey. Hope you enjoy!
Hi there, Joey here. 
You can usually find me over at Hodgespodges.  
While Miss Danielle is off in NY getting hitched, I'm here to share a little bit about marriage with you.

Oh wait, Mr. Husband wants to say hi...or something like it.

We met in our 8th grade PE class and got married in May, 2010.

Now that we've got two years of marriage under our belts I realize there are some things I wish someone would have told me.

I had this idea in my head that marriage was going to be so glamorous and exciting.  And don't get me wrong, it can be.  But marriage can also be a little....uhm, gross.

All those things you did in privacy in your single life now have an audience.  Like sleeping with zit cream dried on your face.  Or when you're 3 days into a horrible cold and you're a grease bucket wearing the same set of pajamas curled under a blanket watching your millionth episode of Jerseylicious.  

Or dutch ovens.  If you don't know what those are, your husband is far sweeter than mine.

Along with the gross factor, some other pieces of advice I found useful our first couple years:

-Fight fair and politely.  I don't mean don't make your point.  No, you definitely need to make your point.  But make your point without name calling or bringing up past fights.  Along those lines, fight one fight at a time.  You can find more on this here.
[our first married fight was a doozy.  And it was over this trash can.  Stupid, right?]

-If you need to express something important, remove all distractions.  I forget that a lot of times during football season I'm like one of the adults in the Peanuts cartoons.
-You don't have to do everything together.  But it is important to do something together.  Find something you both enjoy and do it.  The first few months we were married we didn't have cable.  We bought the HIMYM series and would spend our evenings laughing at it on the couch together after work.

-Marriage is work.  You're not always going to agree.  You have got to compromise (says the woman who just allowed her husband to decorate their loft in football memorabilia, Lord help me).  You always have to love them.  You don't always have to like them.  
Best wishes, Danielle!  Thank you so much for having me and savor every moment!  It goes by way too quickly!

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Nancy Ireland said...

Danielle - Nice touch having fellow bloggers sharing their wedding thoughts and memories. I am available for the "I've been married for 23 years and it was all still worth it" catagory.

Aunt Nancy Carroll