Since I'm Uber Busy Today I've Sent Bri Your Way!

Hello all you Coast to Coast Readers!
My name is Bri Rios, and I'm the girl behind the lifestyle
blog, Breezy Days.
Danielle asked me to guest post cause helllloooo, she is
getting married!!!

And of course, has a lot on her plate :)

It's been over a year since I married my best friend Ryan, and hands
down...best year of my life.

 Although I'm not gonna lie, it's been one heck of a year!

We have gone through so much together that I can't imagine ever living
without him :)

If you want to hear our story from the beginning, go HERE for "The Story of Us".

I write short 'lil installments about how Ryan and I first met, fell
in love, and eventually started our own Happily Ever After.

{It's getting to the good part, so you better catch up!}

I've got some 'lil marriage lessons tucked under my belt which I'm
stoked to share with you!

Ready to take some notes?

{Bahaha, I'm so punny}

Freaking Listen Already

Usually we are telling the guys that, huh?

Guys, in general, aren't as vocal about their feelings as we are.

Meaning that we have to do a different kind of listening.

Pay attention to his facial expressions and reactions to touchy
subjects when they are brought up.

Is he sad? Angry? Upset? Disappointed?

At a later time, casually bring up the subject and give him the
opportunity to put it all on the table about what he is really
thinking, then ask what you can do to help.

#2 When

Us girls like to hurry up & fast-forward to the kissin' and makin'
up part of arguments.

I've made this mistake a few too many times, but now I've learned my

He may be frustrated with you at the moment, but give him time to mull
it over in his own mind.

Just because you are in a tiff, doesn't mean he loves you any less.

He will come back to you once he has figured the problem out on his
own, then kiss and make-up and
remember to not re-visit the argument!

#3 You
Need Some Time Apart

I'm not saying you need a break from your new hubby! Don't cry!!

I'm just saying that sometimes he needs to go play basketball with the
guys, and you make crafts whilst watching The New Girl and your other
dumb girly shows he doesn't like.

You don't need to like all the same things he does and vice

Improving your talents and pursuing your passions not
only makes you a better person, but it makes you a
stronger counterpart in your new marital unit.

And when you support him in doing the same thing, it helps for you
both to grow together, and grow stronger as a couple :)

Welp, I have had a nice time here, and thanks Danielle for letting me
meet your readers!

I would love to meet you all :)

Hop on over to Breezy Days!

<3 Bri 

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous guest post! I took notes ;) All of those things are so important! Off to check out Breezy Days.