Post Vacation Lists

Goodness gracious, my weekend is jam packed with things that need to get done. Why is it that after any vacation, no matter how much you made sure to accomplish before you stepped on that plane, there are a million things needing your attention as soon as you walk back through your front door?? No me gusta! 

Yet, having things to do means I can make lists. Lists mean check marks! and crossing things off!--so that makes me happy. I love lists, I love check marks, and OH HOW I LOVE crossing things off my list! I know that sounds nutty but it is such a great feeling...

...{crickets} is anyone still reading this??...

Well, if so, I will share the fun things on my list with you and leave off the mundane.

Make this baked oatmeal recipe I found here and freeze for breakfast next week!..YUM!!
Attend this little man's first puppy obedience class.
And get this baby perfectly sized {so it's no longer a thumb ring!} :)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!              


Elizabeth said...

What a cute doggie and gorgeous ring! Just found your blog, and I'll be back to peruse the archives!

Britney @ twenty-somethingwife said...

okay that oatmeal looks delish and I will also make that this weekend :)

but we are dyinnnngggg to hear the story how you got that pretty ring ;) please please please please have an engagment story coming soon lol

Lauren Bird said...

What an adorable puppy :) I'm a new follower to your fun blog and I can't wait to follow along. Have a great weekend.

Gail @ Sophisticated Steps said...

Is that football a pile of stuffing yet? Wouldn't last 6.2 seconds around here. ;)

Ring that fits: good.
Ring that potentially falls off or does NOT, as a thumb ring", give the impression that you are engaged: bad.

The crickets line made me laugh. But I'm reading this on my phone so I had to enlarge it...it was reeeeeally tiny. Haha.

Oh, and back to the pups. Sasha goes to her 3rd level of training tomorrow. She's done beginner puppy and intermed. and now it's "click-a-trick". Should be fun! :)

Send me some of that yummy breakfast! ;)

Meg {henninglove} said...

just found your blog so cute! and i am glad you got your ring fixed, i had the same issue and went around for quite awhile with a way too large ring on my ring finger. and follow dog mamma here too, your baby is so precious! good luck with the obedience classes