The Spoils Of Love...

So, although I did avoid the crazy Black Friday mania it was still pretty hectic navigating through the leftover sale goodies on Saturday. Wasn't everyone supposed to spend all their money the previous day?...Allowing me to shop in peace on Saturday!? Come on people!

Regardless of the chaos, Steven and I managed to score some pretty sweet deals this Saturday, and by "Steven and I"...I mean Steven.

Girls, let me tell you something. There is absolutely nothing wrong with allowing your man to spoil you every once in a while if he has the means and desire to. I have always had a hard time accepting gifts if they weren't relating to Christmas or my birthday, and most guys would adhere to this sentiment with the upmost devotion; but Steven has always been a gift giver. (I'm quite certain that's his love language. SCORE!)

Anyways, I'm going to stop with the "my boyfriend is better than yours" game and just say that I definitely appreciate getting spoiled every once in a while...
 ...and I appreciate clothes. A LOT. Especially Banana Republic dresses that are 50% off and 8$ warm and comfy Old Navy pajama pants. Much appreciation exuding from me at the moment. Much.

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Kristin Harvey said...

Alright!!! :) Go Steven!! (and Danielle!)