Bucket List + Weirdness

I updated my Bucket List today.
You should probably check it out.
Also, today is a very, very weird day for me.
For reasons I'd rather not share.
and I'm not going to share.
(Don't you hate when people do that!?)
If you are a friend of mine who knows my #,
feel free to call and I'll be glad to share.

The End.


Kristin said...

Where's your bucket list at?! I hope number 1 is to move next door to me and live happily ever after

Danielle said...

It should be right below my title. The last of the 4 tabs (If it's not showing up on other people's computers I'm going to be sad :( ...) but yeah, just click on the bucket list tab and it should take you to that page.

And actually, you moving next door to ME is my #1! In my heart at least...