Yum Yum in my Tum Tum

So, you know how everyone tells you making cake balls is fun and easy? Well, they lied. The art of cake balls is no simply task! I decided to make a yummy chocolate on chocolate cake ball, thinking that there is no way I could possibly go wrong! Well, it did.

Baking the cake was easy, crumbling the cake was fun, putting the cake into cute (rather large) balls was even an enjoyable experience. The problem came when it was time to dip the cake balls into the chocolate coating. First off, the recipes tell you to freeze the cake balls for about 30 minutes. LIE! Freeze them for at least an hour! Make that 2, better safe than sorry. My cake balls were falling apart in the coating and then everything came out looking ATROCIOUS! Yes, I said atrocious.  You don't want them to be frozen, necessarily. Just firm enough that they won't come apart when you put the coating on them.

So, although I need to work on my baking aesthetics, they still tasted very yummy in my tummy.

And yes, they were Halloween themed cake balls :) Mmm gooood!

Lesson learned, you ask? Freeze cake balls longer than directed.

The End.


julie biondolillo said...

these look yummy!

Kristin Harvey said...

Danielle, those look delicious! Sophie loves the cake pops you get at Starbucks, so you just gave me inspiration to make some for her. I love reading your blog - good way to keep in touch!

p.s. I wanted to comment on other posts, but it wouldn't let me until now? Anyway, love and miss you!!!

Danielle said...

Thanks Julie!

Kristin, the cake pops were sooo good! I got the idea from Starbucks too, and when I looked them up online I discovered this whole world of cake pops! Haha they give you a lot of different ingredient ideas..(next I want to try red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting).